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Families can now submit their enrollment applications to AST MS. Applications will be accepted until February 16, 2021. Learn more on our enrollment website page.


Hi Owl Families,

Thank you for those of you who were able to join us this morning for Coffee with the Principal.  For those unable to attend, or who want to watch it again, please find the recording of this morning’s presentation linked HERE.  We have attached the February 1 return to school presentations to this message for your convenience.  The most important thing for your family to do is to let us know if you want to CHANGE the option you selected for your student in the fall.  If you want to CHANGE your choice, please email or call Ms. Rodriguez at (720) 437 - 9814.  If you want to keep your selection, no action is needed.  As you review the presentation, please note the differences between the APS Hybrid return to school and our plan at AST/DSST so you can make the choice that is best for your family.


English HERE

Spanish HERE

Additionally, please know that Ms. Bloch will host another Coffee with the Principal on Wednesday morning from 8-9 so that parents/families with questions can swing by anytime during that hour.

  • Open Q and A time with me where Ms. Bloch can answer questions.
    • Wednesday, Jan 13th 8-9am Zoom Link - CLICK HERE
    • Passcode: 820061
    • For Spanish Interpretation, join the zoom call and then call on your phone the following number:
      • (720) 902-7700
      • Meeting ID: 149 757 9912#

Hi Owl Families, 

Thank you to those of you who attended Coffee with the Principal yesterday!  It was a very well attended event, and I hope it was both informative and helpful as you make a decision for what is best for your familiy - having your student(s) stay online or having your student(s) come back in a hybrid manner.  I have attached the presentation I shared in English and in Spanish and you can find the video of the event if you click here - Watch Coffee with the Principal/Hybrid Return to School.

As I mentioned this morning, please reach out if you would like to talk or have additional questions.  I will know more about the schedule, drop off and pick up exact times, and details of exactly which classes will be proctor but taught virtually (meaning your student would experience class as they currently are but from a proctored classroom) and which courses would be taught concurrently (meaning the teacher is teaching half the class in person and half the class online at the same time) in mid-October. 

Again here are the powerpoints and the video to help in the decision making process:

1. Watch the Coffee with the Principal from yesterday here - Watch Coffee with the Principal/Hybrid Return to School.

2. Powerpoint in English.

3. Powerpoint in Spanish.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want to talk more!  Once you have made a decision as a family, please fill out THIS SURVEY by 5pm on October 7th.  If you do not complete the survey by 5pm on 10/7 you child will be automatically enrolled in virtual learning for the remainder of Trimester 1.

With Owl Pride, 



Owl Families, 

Please join us TONIGHT for our Virtual Back to School Night!  We are excited for you to hear from your children's teachers and to learn more about their experiences in school.  We will hold Back to School Night on Microsoft Teams, so feel free to use your student's computer to join us (though you can join from any device you'd like), and know there will be Spanish Interpretation provided (the number to call for interpretation is below).

  • 6th grade families, we will meet from 5-6pm.  Please click this BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT LINK to join the teams call.
  • 7th grade families, we will meet from 6-7pm.  Please click this BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT LINK to join the teams call.
  • To use our interpretation line, please call the following number - (720) 902-7700; Meeting ID # 149 947 6683

We hope to see many of you tonight - your students are also more than welcome to join with you!


Ms. Bloch and the AST team



B2SN Doc - 6th

B2SN Doc - 7th


Hello AST Families!

We would like to remind you that student supply pick up is Tomorrow, 09/02 2:00 – 6:00 pm and Thursday, 09/03 7:00 am – 12:00 pm. At the same place you picked up your student’s computer. You will receive science kits for 6th graders, and class novel and independent reading books for 6th and 7th graders-students will need these materials for classes post Labor Day. If you requested a desk, chair and headphones you will also receive them. You will stay in your car and we will come bring the materials to you (please wear a mask).  If you have students in multiple grades you can pick up all materials at the same time.  Please reach out to Karina Rodriguez ( with any questions.