Apprentice Teacher Program

DSST's Apprentice Teacher Program builds a yearly cohort of 20 educators committed to working in high-performing, integrated public schools. Our Apprentice Teachers work alongside a strong mentor teacher in a STEM subject to prepare them to take on their own classroom the following year.

How We Develop Our Apprentice Teachers

  • Observe excellent teachers
  • Understand how to build a strong classroom culture
  • Receive feedback and coaching sessions with Mentor Teachers
  • Participate in weekly graduate school learning sessions
  • Deliberate practice sessions
  • Online coursework
  • Practice teaching in Mentor Teacher's classroom
  • Opportunities to develop lessons 

Earn a Graduate Degree

DSST Public Schools is excited to partner with RELAY Graduate School of Education next year to provide our Apprentice Teachers with a robust, two-year development program. In the first year, Apprentice Teachers will work towards earning state certification in secondary education. In the second year, the Apprentice will transition into a full-time classroom role and will complete coursework to fulfill a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Click here to learn more about RELAY Graduate School of Education.


We offer a salary competitive with other Teacher Residency Programs.  You also be eligible for full benefits, including: full medical and dental benefits and a 401K with a 5%  end of year gift.  Apprentice Teachers are responsible for paying Relay Graduate School’s discounted Tuition.  Through our partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, DSST’s Apprentice Teachers will be responsible for paying a reduced amount.  Typically, a two-year Relay M.A.T. degree is $35,000. In the 2016-2017 school year, the cost for the program to our Apprentice Teachers was $3,250 per year.  Payment plans are available for all students, and Relay also offers federal student loans.  More information can be found on Relay’s website.  


Apprentice Teacher Selection Process

  • Step 1: Apply on our website
    • You can access our application through our Careers Page, starting November 1st, 2017. DSST’s Talent Acquisition Team will review  your online application, looking for mission-driven applicants with a proven track record of leadership and a strong goal orientation.  Our Talent Acquisition Team will work to respond in a timely manner
  • Step 2: Talent Acquisition Interview
    • Candidates who are invited to the second step in our interview process will participate in a 30 minute phone or video interview, allowing us to get to know who you are as a candidate.
  • Step 3: Materials Request
    • Candidates applying to our Apprentice Teacher program will be asked to film a short 5-7 minute Sample Teach video.  You will receive instructions via email and will have 5 business days to upload your video according to the given instructions.
  • Step 4: Second Round Interview
    • Candidates who are invited to the final round of our interview process will complete a Second Round Interview with our School Leaders.  Second Round Interviews may take place in-person at one of our school sites, or virtually via a phone call or Skype.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the school, as well as allow the school to get to know who you are as an applicant. 
  • Step 5: Reference Checks
    • When you submit your online application, you will  be asked to include the names of three references.  Before making a final offer, we will be contacting the references provided.
  • Step 6: Offers
    • Offers are extended over the phone and include a follow up email outlining offer details and benefits.  We ask that you accept or decline your offer within 72  hours.