Enrolling at a DSST School

DSST Public Schools participates fully in the DPS SchoolChoice enrollment process and all seats are assigned as part of the formal lottery process. To participate in the lottery, a SchoolChoice form must be completed during January. You may also complete an application directly with your preferred school or the SchoolChoice office.

To visit a school, sign up for an Open House or a Family Tour through our calendar

The dsst difference

Our Program

DSST Public Schools operates 10 high performing, diverse and rigorous charter schools within Denver Public Schools. Over 4200 students are currently enrolled at our Middle and High Schools and are receiving an outstanding liberal arts education, with a focus on science and technology. Explore the DSST difference below and discover how we might serve your student and family.

Parent Involvement


Each school has a Science and Tech Parents Group (STP). All parents are invited to participate in STP and contribute directly on their student's campus. Each group organizes events and programs, fosters parent volunteering, and provides a forum for families to ask questions and give feedback, with the ultimate goal of supporting student and school development.

Activities and Clubs


DSST is committed to educating all students holistically through a strong academic program, along with additional opportunities to engage in activities and clubs. Students, in coordination with DSST staff and parents, initiate and organize clubs that meet during lunch or after school. Each campus offers a different selection based on interests of their students. Some opportunities might include:

  • Guitar Club
  • ​Computer Coding Club
  • Robotics
  • Art Club
  • Community Service Club
  • School Spirit Club
  • Yearbook/Newspaper  Club



Each DSST campus participates in a unique selection of competitive sports throughout the school year. Some examples of opportunities include soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and cross country. 

College Placement


DSST Public Schools prepares all students to graduate from a four-year college or university. The DSST team works closely with students and parents beginning in their freshman year, and throughout their college experience. Students and parents receive individualized and group support as we navigate the college application and selection process as well as in the application for scholarships and financial aid. 

Core Values


At the heart of our strong community focus are six Core Values that drive all aspects of the DSST experience:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Doing Your Best
  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Courage

The Core Values are not just words emphasized in our classrooms and conversations. They are lived and spoken about throughout all levels of our organization. 

Morning Meeting & Advisory


Each morning, students and staff come together for Morning Meeting to celebrate community, talk about college, participate in team-building activities, and support each other in a public space.

Every DSST student is part of an Advisory, made up of approximately 15 students and one teacher. The goal of Advisory groups is to build trust between students and with staff, encourage each other in a smaller group setting, build community and strong lifelong relationships, and to give every student an advocate.

Course Overview


DSST's academic program provides a strong foundation for students to pursue STEM fields in college. The liberal arts curriculum, with a focus on math and sciences, sets a high bar. Advanced Placement (AP) options are available. Upon graduation, students will have completed:

  • 7 years of natural science
  • 7 years of secondary math
  • 3 years of Spanish
  • 1 trimester internship
  • 2 trimester Senior Project