DSST E-Ship Gives Finalist Presentation at Aspen Ideas Festival

Along with five other finalists, Jeremy "Wick" Wickenheiser, the Director of DSST E-Ship, took the stage at the Aspen Ideas Festival to pitch E-Ship at the Booz Allen Hamilton's Big Idea competition June 28th.

Wick's pitch, "Entrepreneurship and an Innovation Economy Ready Workforce," proposes doing school differently. He asks, "What if we gave students the opportunity to work on meaningful problems while simultaneously learning both the necessary content and skills that will not only allow them to access the careers of the future, but to become the next generation of leaders and CEOs?"

As Wick explains, DSST E-Ship is working to answer that question by helping students "realize that they have the skills and talents to meaningfully contribute to world." Watch Wick presentation to a panel of judges and a live Festival audience here.