DSST’s Exciting Results

Friends of DSST,

We are committed to ensuring all of our students are four year college ready and leaving DSST schools prepared to succeed in college, careers and life.  Colorado state tests (CMAS) and college assessments (ACT) are one measure of many that we use to assess our success against this goal.  The Colorado Department of Education released results this morning and I am excited to share with you some of DSST’s outstanding results.


In 2015-16 DSST: Stapleton High School and DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School ranked #2 and #3 in Denver for their composite average ACT score.  They both ranked in the top 8% out of all high schools in Colorado. The graph below includes every other Colorado high school as a blue dot, DSST: Stapleton HS as a red dot, and DSST: Green Valley Ranch as a purple dot.  Our high schools continue to achieve radically different outcomes than virtually any other schools in the state serving a population representative of Colorado. 


Colorado State Tests (CMAS)

All four DSST high schools rank in the top five math proficiency rates on Colorado’s standardized test, the CMAS, out of Denver’s 49 high schools.

All four DSST high schools also rank in the top eight in Denver for combined proficiency of math and English language arts on the CMAS.

Additionally, DSST’s high school students who receive free and reduced price lunch (FRL) have the same level of math proficiency (52%) on the 2016 CMAS standardized test as Denver Public Schools’ non-FRL high school students. We were also enthusiastic to see that network wide DSST middle and high school students had higher proficiency rates than their Denver peers in the key areas of SPED, ELL and FRL students. Finally, DSST: Byers Middle School had the #1 math rank and #2 English language arts rank for middle school CMAS proficiency in Denver. 


Advanced Placement Scores

DSST’s high school students make up only 6% of DPS’ high school population but our schools make up a disproportionate number of passing AP scores in math and science courses:

I am proud of our students and our team for the consistent outstanding results they produce year after year.  These results represent hard work, a commitment to learn and desire to serve all students day in and day out. These results, however, also point to areas that we continue to need to grow.  We still have achievement gaps in our schools, and we are not getting all of our students to proficiency.  Change is already underway to address these gaps and we are committed to turning out even better results next year. 

All of this would not be possible without your continued support. Thank you for making our mission to end educational inequity in Denver come to life.  


Bill Kurtz

CEO of DSST Public Schools