About Us

About the College View Middle School Campus

DSST: College View Middle School is the fourth campus in the DSST Public Schools network. It opened its doors to 150 sixth graders in June of 2012, and is now fully enrolled with over 450 sixth through eighth grade students. Located at the intersection of Federal and Dartmouth in Southwest Denver, the school’s opening helped accommodate a growing urban student population and offers the highest quality of college preparatory education for families.

This college prep focus, with an emphasis on developing students through liberal arts learning (reading, writing, mathematics, and science), is the foundation of academics at DSST: College View. Students succeed through structured classroom environments with clear academic and behavioral expectations. After completion of our program, students will be confidently prepared for rigorous high school instruction and, ultimately, for the rewarding challenges of a college education.

Open Enrollment

School of Choice Round 1 is closed.

Round 2 for DPS’s School Choice opens up on Monday March 20th and runs through Thursday August 31st. It is first come first serve and is one form per student, per school. You can download these forms online or fill them out at our school. Please note there is  no online option for Round 2. If your student has already been waitlisted at DSST: College View Middle School please DO NOT fill out a Round 2 form for our school, as this will only place you further down on the waitlist. If you have any questions, or to fill out a Round 2 form please come speak to Ms. Criss or Mrs. Torres at the front desk!

Anyone who has been placed on our waitlist after Round 1 may be interested in attending DSST: Henry Middle School, located just a mile from DSST: College View Middle School. You can find out more about DSST: Henry Middle school by clicking here.