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Science and Tech Parent Group

Welcome to DSST: Byers Science and Tech Parents (STP)! All parents and guardians of Byers students are members of STP; there is no membership fee. STP focuses on helping parents utilize their talents, energy and resources to support DSST: Byers’ efforts to provide every child with an outstanding education.

To learn more about STP, visit or email

​Looking for "Plus One" volunteer opportunities? Click here Your login is the email address you provided for the Byers Family Directory. If you forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password." If you do not have a MySchoolAnywhere account, please email:

Parent Portal

Denver Public Schools (DPS) offers parents the Parent Portal, a program that allows you to access accurate, current, and confidential information about your child’s school attendance, grades, class assignments, and more. Please contact the Parent Portal Hotline with questions: 720-423-3163.

Note that the Parent Portal is separate from the Student Portal, which allows students to access their own information. Students may contact their Deans with questions or if in need of assistance. Learn more about the Parent/Student Portal by downloading the Parent Toolkit: English, Español. The Portal Team has also coordinated a variety of training resources for parents/guardians. Please visit their website for additional resources.

Please find attached:

Parent Portal FAQs (English, Spanish)
Parent Portal Quick Reference Guide (English, Spanish)


Byers Traffic Plan

Pick up options at the end of the school day:

Option 1: Washington Street Pick-up

  1. Pick up students on the west side of the street from the curb only. If there is not a spot available, turn left on Cedar and come back around to look for a spot. DO NOT ask your student to get into your vehicle while in the driving/traffic lane.
  2. Students enter the car on the passenger side only.
  3. Signal and look carefully before you cross the bike lane (both ways).
  4. Do not leave your car (no parking zone, loading only).

Option 2: Pearl Street Pick-up

  1. Pick up students on the east side of the street from the curb only. If there is not a spot available, turn left on Bayaud and come back around to look for a spot. DO NOT ask your student to get into your vehicle while in the driving/traffic lane.
  2. Students enter the car on the passenger side only.
  3. Do not leave your car (no parking zone, loading only).

Make a plan to meet your student off campus. 

  1. Many families have proactive plans on this and have practiced a safe, designated meeting spot. This is up to individual family discretion and is not directed by the school because we cannot supervise students off-campus but is an option used by many families. 
  2. Please continue to honor street signs (e.g. we have had many families park in alleys or in neighbor's driveways. These are not acceptable decisions even off campus since our students so clearly represent our school in their uniforms and neighbors report these to us each time they happen.)


  • Use Cedar St to drop-off or pick up students.
  • Ask your student to run across or into traffic to get into your vehicle in a driving/traffic lane.
  • Cross the bike lane on Washington without signaling.
  • Leave your car idling while you wait. Reduce our school's carbon footprint and turn off your vehicle's engine while you wait!
  • Wait or park in areas that say No Parking Zone.
  • Block crosswalks with your vehicle.

By not following the Byers Traffic Plan, you risk student safety and ticketing by City Parking/Traffic Officials.

Transportation Information


We are pleased to continue our partnership with Schoolpool to assist families that are interested in carpooling, walking, biking or riding the RTD bus to and from school with other families.  Schoolpool is sponsored by Way to Go (formerly RideArrangers), a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

The program works as follows:

  1. In mid May, we will send our roster to Way to Go to be imported into their secure mapping software program.  It will include parent and student names, grades, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Essentially, this is the same information provided in our student directory.
  2. In early August, Way to Go will email families their personalized list and map identifying families sharing the same route to/from school (families without an email address will receive a hard copy of their list).  Parent names, student names, grades, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will be shared. 
  3. After the lists are generated, families will be able to login to Way to Go’s secure website to view and contact matches, add comments indicating special requests or preferences (i.e., “can provide morning rides”, “student is in afterschool activities,” “currently carpooling,” etc.), and find matches for other addresses (i.e., second household, grandparents, etc.).


  • Add to your address book or safe sender list to ensure your list and login information is delivered to your inbox. 
  • Your information will only be shared with DSST: Byers families; Way to Go will not sell it to other businesses, agencies or third parties.  Likewise, we ask families to treat the information with privacy.
  • There is no obligation to participate.  The information is a great resource to meet nearby DSST: Byers families for other reasons such as temporary transportation needs, play dates, baby sitters, summer BBQs, etc.
  • If you are interested in participating, you will need to take the initiative to contact the families on your list to make your arrangements.
  • DSST: Byers and Way to Go assume no responsibility, but provide information for your use.  Way to Go does not run background checks, confirm valid drivers’ licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants.  Potential users are advised to screen participants to their personal satisfaction and check their own insurance coverage for carpooling to assure they are covered under these voluntary arrangements.  No drivers, vehicles or insurance are provided.  Questions can be directed to Way to Go at 303-458-7665 or

Are you new to DSST: Byers and missed the initial notification? You can still access the information about other Falcon families living around you by completing the following steps:

  • You may view your matches online, however you won’t be able to see your matches’ home address and student name(s).  You will be able view their matches on a map, though, in relation to your home.  If the family wants to receive our traditional “match list” where your matches’ addresses and student names are provided, you will need to contact us to have one generated.  If you want a traditional “match list,” contact with your passcode and we can add them.
  • For the DSST: Byers Passcode, please email


  1. Click on Schoolpool
  2. Select DSST Byers
  3. Follow the registration instructions

Questions? Contact Way To Go directly:

Phone:         303-458-7665



“Plus One” - The Parent Contribution

Our school has all the basic resources needed to operate well and ensure students are successful. We have top-notch teachers, supportive parents, technology and other resources, and the strength of the DSST Public Schools network. However, what makes a school truly come alive are the individual contributions of each member of the community that go above and beyond that basic foundation. We are asking you to thoughtfully consider how you can contribute at least one thing to our school community this year. By giving some time to support our Front Office Manager, coaching a club once a week, or helping in some other way, you will have a meaningful positive impact on each one of our students.

Our goals for the 2017-18 school year with our +1 Program are:

  • Dramatically increase breadth of parent engagement in our school through better alignment of parents' skills, passions, and resources with the needs of our school community
  • 90% of student families will contribute a tracked +1 commitment each school year.
  • Recognize and value all +1 Parents for their contributions to our school community.

Also know that while all ideas are welcome, not all ideas or contributions may fit in this year. We will work with our STP (Science and Tech Parents group) this fall to make decisions on priorities for this year and welcome you to join that discussion. 

In the 2016-2017 school year, some examples of our parent "+1" contributions were:

  • Sponsoring Robotics Club
  • Participating in STP (Science and Tech Parents group)
  • Donating food for Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Chaperoning the Halloween Dance
  • Donating gently used uniforms for the Used Uniform Sale
  • Coaching soccer
  • Donating snacks for students for our Pi Day Celebration
  • Helping to set up for the Summer Picnic
  • Attending Open Houses to provide a parent perspective
  • Helping in the main office
  • Setting up for Winter Dance
  • Sponsoring Yearbook Club

We look forward to the contributions from our parents in the 2016-2017 school year that will continue to fortify our community and enrich our school.

Submit your +1 Contribution here!

Support DSST: Byers

Support DSST: Byers While You’re Shopping – Out and About or Online!

We have several ways you can support DSST-Byers through your regular shopping. None of these ways to support DSST cost you anything – they just require a little forethought and organization.

King Soopers Gift Cards

  1. If you don’t have a King Soopers Gift Card, pick one up from the office manager at the front desk.
  2. Whenever you shop for groceries at King Soopers, when you get to the checkout counter, before the clerk starts to ring up your groceries, ask him or her to charge your card, and put the desired amount on the card (you can also do this at the Customer Service desk). Then, after your order is rung up, pay with the gift card.
  3. If the gift card sits for several weeks with no money on it, it will become de-activated, and you have to pick up another one.
  4. If you already have a King Soopers gift card, you can go to the Customer Service desk and ask them to designate DSST-Byers as the beneficiary.

Target Red Card

  1. You can obtain a Target Red Card via the Target website, or at a Target store. You can apply for either a debit card (which pulls money directly out of your checking account) or a credit card.
  2. Once you have your Red Card, go to Scroll down to the “Take Charge of Education” link, and click on “Learn More.” Follow the links and instructions in the middle of the page to “Check Contribution and Update School,” and designate DSST-Byers in Denver, Colo.

Box Tops

  1. Purchase products with Box Tops symbol – you can find it on cereals, printer paper and office supplies.
  2. Clip the Box Tops symbol off the packages, making sure to cut around the dotted line or outside it. The Box Tops coupons must have an expiration date at the bottom to be valid.
  3. Turn them into bucket at the front desk at school.
  4. You can earn cash for our school online, too! You can shop online through the Box Tops website and earn eBoxTops® credits on all your purchases. Just click the “earn” section at the top of the homepage and scroll down to “shop marketplace.” Any eBoxTops you earn will be automatically credited to our school. Each eBoxTop is worth 10¢, just like a regular Box Top.

Got fundraising ideas? Please get in touch with Dawn Masters, STP Fundraising Co-Chair,


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Summer School required?

Yes. Summer School is required for all incoming students. Students who do not attend summer school may lose their eligibility to register for the school year.

Does DSST require students to wear a uniform?

Yes. The purpose of the uniform is to create a professional, safe and respectful community where students can place their focus on learning. Students are required to wear DSST: Byers uniform tops purchased through Denver Athletic and conform to dress code requirements for pants, shoes, and belts. Please refer to the dress code information in your orientation packet or in the DSST student handbook.

Families will have the opportunity to purchase uniform tops before the summer school program and during the course of the year. Students will be required to be in uniform beginning with their first day of summer school.

Gently used uniforms are recycled and will be made available at a discounted price. Please save your used uniforms and return them to the DSST: Byers front office when your student has outgrown them.

What time will school start and finish each day?

  • Summer School:
    • 8:00am until 11:45am
  • School Start and End Times for the 2016-17 School Year:
    • 8:00am until 4:05pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
    • 8:00am until 2:15pm on Wednesdays

Schedules may be subject to change.  If a student has been assigned College Prep, Refocus, or Mandatory Tutoring during summer school or the normal school year, that student will stay 50 minutes later to serve their assigned session.

Will lunch be provided during summer school?

No. However, students may bring snacks that they can eat after school. They may not eat snacks during school.

Beverages: Students are allowed to bring water bottles containing water ONLY.  Soda, energy drinks and other beverages are not permitted at any time.

Does DSST provide transportation?

No. It is the family’s responsibility to provide transportation for their student. Many families participate in carpool arrangements. You will receive a family directory to help you connect with other families in your area, and information from the Way To Go School Pool program to help arrange carpool or group walks or rides.

Does DSST have an after school day care program?

No. Students should be picked up immediately after their dismissal. Please be sure to make arrangements to have your student picked up in a timely manner. Only students participating in supervised clubs or athletic activities with written permission from parents are allowed to be on campus after their dismissal.

Does DSST offer extra-curricular or after-school programs?

Yes. DSST offers an Athletic program and after school clubs which vary according to the trimester and season. Please see the specific Athletic informational flyer for more information regarding our Athletics program. Clubs that DSST: Byers offered for the 2015-16 school year included: Robotics, Book Club, Falcons Without Borders, Debate, Destination Imagination, and Yearbook. Clubs vary depending on the interests of students and availability of a club sponsor.

Will there be homework every night?

Yes. On average, students receive approximately 1 ½ hours nightly.  Homework for each of the different core classes takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you find that your student is spending more than this amount of time on homework on a regular basis, please be sure to contact his or her advisor. The advisor can assist you with strategies to improve your student’s homework load, as well as provide feedback to our staff if the homework load is heavier than our expected norm.

How does DSST handle discipline issues?

The DSST community is founded on the school’s six core values: respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, curiosity, and doing your best. Students, parents and teachers formally commit to doing their best to live and support these core values.  The core values provide students with the opportunity for self-improvement, individual growth, and character development as well as support stewardship of our entire community. We recognize that we all make mistakes, and that middle school students are practicing many skills as they move toward becoming teenagers and responsible community members. Violation of school expectations, however, will subject a student to disciplinary measures in accordance with DPS and DSST guidelines.

  • Most student errors are handled through direct conversation and using the mistake as a “teachable moment”.
  • The student may be assigned to a Refocus or College Prep session for specific behaviors.
  • Students who commit more serious offenses, or who receive 10 or more refocuses in a trimester may serve a suspension. Student’s prepare and deliver an apology to the community as part of the suspension process.
  • DSST follows Denver Public Schools’ guidelines regarding serious offenses. Please refer to the DPS website for more information

Can my student use a cell phone in school?  What about other electronics?

No. Cell phone use and the use of other electronics by students is not permitted within the school building. We understand that many students have cell phones for safety and communication reasons. However, cell phones and other electronics must be stowed in a students’ backpack or locker in the off position until the school day is over and the student has exited the building. If a student is seen using or holding a cell phone or other electronic device, or if a cell phone rings during the school day, the equipment will be confiscated until a parent can come and pick it up. Policies for eBook Readers are revised annually and may or may not be permitted for reading only.

What are the requirements for promotion to the next grade?

Promotion of students who may be struggling academically is reviewed carefully on an individual basis by our teaching team. However, the basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Students must receive a passing grade (70% or higher) in all of their core classes to be promoted to the next grade.
  • Students must also earn a passing grade (70%or higher) on their core classes year end final assessments.
  • Students who receive 3 or more failing grades in their core classes are likely to be retained in their current grade for the following school year, and students with 1-2 failing grades will be eligible for summer school and have the opportunity to earn a passing grade in that course over the summer.
  • Students must not miss more than 10 school days, or will be at risk of retention.

If a student completes promotion requirements for the DSST Middle School, will he or she automatically be eligible for the DSST High School?

Yes. Students who meet the requirements after the 8th grade will be promoted to the DSST high school in the same campus. DSST: Byers High School opened in the fall of 2016.

Will my student’s siblings have a preference to enter DSST?

Yes. Siblings of current DSST students are eligible for a preference to enter the same DSST campus the following year. To maintain this preference, an application for each sibling hoping to enter DSST under this preference must be submitted prior to the DPS First Round Choice application deadline. Only siblings with the same legal guardian living in the same household are eligible for the DSST sibling preference. Families will need to demonstrate proof of legal guardianship and residence to maintain eligibility.

How will DSST meet the needs of special education students?

Special Education students who are on an IEP or 504-plan will be served in an inclusion model; they will be in the same classes as other students. DSST has a special education team to support the student’s IEP goals. Special Education students may be placed in Math and English support and seminar classes in addition to their regular courses.  In these classes, students will be given more time to work on core skills, receive additional instruction, and reinforce necessary strategies. Please indicate whether your student has an IEP or 504-plan so we can coordinate services and schedule transition meetings prior to the end of this current school year.

How will DSST meet the needs of students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented?

DSST, along with Denver Public Schools, supports students with Advanced Learning Plans. DSST implements differentiated instructional practices to support non-tracked heterogeneous classes that level instruction to meet student learning needs. Teachers create multi-level approaches to challenge students at all levels. Levels of mastery and identification of learning needs are based on student performance on our Benchmark Assessments.

Can I become involved at DSST as a parent volunteer?

Yes. There are a variety of ways to become involved at DSST, including participating in the Science and Tech Parents (STP) group. Although volunteering is not required, it is highly encouraged. Participation in our Plus One program is a school-wide goal.